Social Media Only

Conference/Event Social Media Management

varies depending on length of event — Ready to promote the heck out of your conference or event? We’ll work closely with you before, during and after your event to make sure it’s highly visible! We’ll either implement your marketing strategy or create one with you, including all content creation, hashtags, photos and more. LEARN MORE

6-Month Contract Social Media Manager

$2,000/month — Baffled by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? You're not alone! We'll work closely with you on a part-time basis to create and implement a fully customized social media marketing campaign, including all content creation. You'll see what works and adjust accordingly with our monthly metrics reports, and how to reach your ideal customers! LEARN MORE

Marketing + Social Media

6-Month Contract Marketing Manager

$3,000/month — Our most popular marketing package! As your part-time freelance Director of Marketing, we work closely with you to create and implement a fully customized marketing strategy. Campaign options could include targeted social media, email, creating/distributing collateral (brochures, infographics, etc.), public relations messaging, press releases and more. Does not include cost of print materials. LEARN MORE

Marketing Consultation

Not sure what you need or how to reach your ideal customers? We have years of experience in marketing in the non-profit, government, business and education sectors. Contact us for a no-obligation project estimate!